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Hugh Binning (1627–1653) taught philosophy at the University of Glasgow. After this, he was a Church of Scotland minister. A prolific author, he had a formidable intellect and knowledge of theology and philosophy. James Durham observed “that there was no speaking after Mr Binning”. Yet he expressed himself plainly as a preacher and often attracted vast crowds. He died at the young age of 26 years.

Jun 2

The Only Place of Rest for the Soul

“And what is love but the very motion of the soul to God? And so till it has attained that, to be in Him, it can find no place of rest” – Hugh Binning

Mar 31

Why Are We Here?

Many struggle to get a satisfactory answer to such a simple question. Some have concluded that there is no such final answer and the meaning we seek cannot be found. If the ultimate reality is only matter shaped by random blind chance then seeking mean …

Feb 10

The Bible’s Main Teachings in 2 Words

Summarising a book of more than 780, 000 words is a colossal challenge. Especially when it is a book infinitely more important than any other. Perhaps it is impossible to do that meaningfully in two words. But to summarise the main teachings of the Bib …

Nov 18

Scotland’s Greatest Blessing and Misery

“The great blessing and privilege of Scotland is the gospel…the great misery and sin of this nation is, the abuse and contempt of the glorious gospel” – Hugh Binning

Oct 7

What Foundation are You Building On?

“All men are building upon something. Every man is about some establishment of his hopes —lays some foundation of his confidence which he may stand upon. They are one of the two that Christ speaks of (Luke 6:48-49): one builds on the rock, another on t …