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John Brown of Wamphray (1610-1679) was one of the great theological writers in the later period of the Second Reformation. Samuel Rutherford said that he “saw Christ in him more than in his brethren”. He was a man of “very great learning, warm zeal, and remarkable piety”.

He was the minister of Wamphray near Dumfries. Together with other faithful ministers he was removed from his congregation after the restoration of Charles II. He was imprisoned in 1662. After a while, he was so ill that he was at the point of death and was exiled to Holland. Here he pastored the Scots Church at Rotterdam and wrote a large number of books. It was said of his sermons that they breathed “nothing but faith in Christ, and communion with Him”.

Sep 7

They Cannot Take God From You

“They may cast a man in prison, that neither wife not any of his relations shall have access to him to be refreshing and comfortable to him. But neither lock nor key, nor strong walls nor doors can keep out his God from him” – John Brown of Wamphray

Dec 21

Long Winter Nights – Spiritually

“We wonder that ’tis not always hot summer days, a flourishing and fruitful season, with souls and with churches. But know we the thoughts of the Lord; see we to the bottom of the deep contrivance of infinite wisdom? Know we the usefulness, yea, necess …

Nov 11

Being Peaceably Principled in a Poisonous World

The words most commonly used for the US presidential election campaign have been “toxic”, “venomous” and “poisonous”. Insults seemed to be the sound-bites of choice. Some fear that similar strains  have blighted political discourse in the UK. It is not …

Sep 9

How can Prayer be a Burden?

“What a wonder is this. Will the Lord be content to hear all our heart secrets and admit us to intimate familiarity with Him as one heart friend with another…and shall this be our burden” – John Brown of Wamphray

Sep 2

Sure Anchor for the Tempest of Error

…It were good in such a time of erring from the way of truth, to be gripping Christ faster, and cleaving to Him by faith and living by faith in Him. This is to hold the foundation fast:  and then let the tempest of error blow as it will, they will ri …