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Samuel Rutherford (c. 1600 – 1661) is best known for his devotional letters many of which were written from exile in Aberdeen. He played a major role in the Covenanting Revolution in Scotland and at the Westminster Assembly in formulating the Westminster Standards. He was one of the foremost theologians and apologists for Presbyterianism in the seventeenth century. His Lex, Rex was an important rebuttal of the divine right of kings theory.

Jul 7

Conscience is Fragile: Handle with Care

The human mind is fragile as well as powerful and complex. The human spirit can be resilient but may also be frail in the face of countless intricate emotions, memories, doubts and fears. Conscience is an especially delicate part of who we are. God has …

Jun 2

Waiting on God’s Providence

“I will charge my soul to believe and to wait for Him, and will follow His providence, and not go before it, nor stay behind it” – Samuel Rutherford

May 18

Christ’s Will is Better Than Mine

“I pray God that I may never find my will again. Oh, that Christ would subject my will to His, and trample it under His feet” – Samuel Rutherford

May 4

How Humility Grows Best

“Humility is a strange flower; it grows best in winter weather, and under storms of affliction” – Samuel Rutherford

Mar 10

Submitting to God’s Will in Dark Providences

Dark Providences are those events that not only cast a deep shadow but seem inexplicable. They seem to overwhelm us and turn our thoughts upside down in bewilderment. We are lost in trying to find out a purpose in them (Psalm 77:19). “When providences …