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George Hutcheson (1615-1674) was noted for expounding the Scriptures with great clarity. C H Spurgeon wrote: “He distils the text, and gives his readers the quintessence, ready for use”.
An eminent preacher, he was a minister in Ayrshire and Edinburgh In 1662 he was removed from his congregation by Parliament together with a large number of others. This was for refusing to conform to the rule of bishops. His passing from this world was very short, only half an hour. His last words were: “The Lord has helped, and He will help me”.

Dec 23

The Source of Great Joy

The quality of our joy is determined by its source. If the source of our joy is finite and capable of changing and degrading – our joys will be fickle, uncertain and unsatisfying. Many are seeking their joys in an inconstant, fading world and what it o …

Dec 9

Can We Still Speak of Truth in the Post-Truth Age?

It’s the word on everyone’s lips all of a sudden. “Post-truth” is the word of the year, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. It means “circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion …

Oct 21

What Does the Cross Teach Us?

The cross of Christ is referred to frequently. Yet it is possible to do this without any deep meditation on what it teaches us. It can also be widely and very seriously misunderstood. Some have claimed that Christ died on the cross only to give us an e …

Apr 29

5 Ways to Know if You are Backsliding

Many think of backsliding as falling into open sin, a life of unrepentant wordliness or virtually departing from the faith. It may be that such, however, are only backsliding from a false profession and making this more apparent. Backsliding also inclu …

Mar 4

Our Nation’s Imminent Famine

Currently, Eastern and Southern Africa are in the grip of a severe drought. This is threatening a famine that may affect up to 40 million people. Such catastrophe is distressing but seems all too remote from our own experience. We know nothing of what …