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Samuel Rutherford (c. 1600 – 1661) is best known for his devotional letters many of which were written from exile in Aberdeen. He played a major role in the Covenanting Revolution in Scotland and at the Westminster Assembly in formulating the Westminster Standards. He was one of the foremost theologians and apologists for Presbyterianism in the seventeenth century. His Lex, Rex was an important rebuttal of the divine right of kings theory.

Oct 27

Omnipotence Can Use Anything

Samuel Rutherford observes how God’s almighty power can use even the most insignificant means as though they had great power. He says that God does not use means because they are efficacious in themselves; rather it is because He uses them that they ar …

Oct 23

Did Luther Reject the Ten Commandments?

It is not uncommon to encounter the idea that Luther discarded the Ten Commandments. The idea is that he emphasised grace so much against works and gospel so much against law that he downplayed the believer’s use of the Ten Commandments. Alternatively …

Aug 30

Feelings Change, Christ Does Not

“In our fluctuations of feelings, it is well to remember that Jesus admits no change in His affections; your heart is not the compass Jesus saileth by” – Samuel Rutherford

Aug 14

Christ Will Bear Your Burdens

“Courage up your heart; when you tire, He will bear both you and your burden. Yet a little while, and you shall see the salvation of God” – Samuel Rutherford

Jul 21

Help for Stirring Up Your Spiritual Life

Sometimes we pray even though we do not feel like praying. We open our Bibles and our minds and hearts feel as though they are under a dead weight. How should we approach this problem? There is a widespread false assumption that the spiritual life is e …