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The Westminster Assembly produced a new form of church order and government, worship, doctrinal confession for the churches of England, Scotland and Ireland. These have been used by presbyterian churches across the world. It was an advisory body to England’s Long Parliament which met at Westminster Assembly from 1643 to 1648. Richard Baxter said that “the Christian world, since the days of the Apostles” never had “a Synod of more excellent divines [theologians]”.

Oct 13

What Do Reformers Look Like?

We are familiar with Martin Luther’s image. It is striking and immediately recognisable. It is said that there was enormous demand for printed pictures of Luther in his lifetime. Lucas Cranach, in a particular portrait captured the intense eyes of the …

Oct 6

Would We Actually Want Reformation Today?

We have now entered Reformation month, the climax of the 500th anniversary. In the midst of the commemoration it is possible to take such a long look back that we then forget to look forward. In other words, we may be inclined to think of Reformation a …

Mar 3

Opening the Door From Our Heads to Our Hearts

Why aren’t we more greatly and lastingly moved by the truths we believe? It’s easy to grasp something intellectually and to receive it as truth without it making a powerful impact on us. We hear powerful sermons, we read penetrating words of Scripture  …

Feb 24

Why Zeal and Reformation Must Go Together

Zeal is not cool in our culture. Most people picture a wild-eyed fanatic when they think about religious zeal. In a world that pursues the shallow and values self-satisfied composure, zeal is odd. The world is at best cool towards it. When being pragma …

Jan 9

7 Reasons to Read the Westminster Standards

The Westminster Confession and Catechisms are more than a seres of doctrinal statements. Their deep reflection on Scripture means every Christian can use them in a practical and devotional way. These are documents we can make utterly personal. The bene …