What if the Coronavirus Comes to Your Home?

Can you really have contentment in the midst of panic and alarm about the spread of the Coronavirus? Jeremiah Burroughs shows how this is possible.

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The period of the Second Reformation in Scotland (1638-1661) was the greatest time of radical reformation and rediscovery of Biblical truth in the Church of Scotland. It was also the  greatest spiritual revival that Scotland has ever experienced. 

Our blogs mine the spiritual wisdom of the noted Christian writers of the period in order to make their profound insights into Christ and biblical truth accessible for today’s Church and the challenges we face.

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A Complex Request

A Complex Request

Episode 07 | A prayer request for about a controversial decision on a controversial matter doesn’t just make everyone awkward. It soon becomes a stumbling block for everyone present.

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A Demanding Individual

A Demanding Individual

Episode 06 | When your kind helpfulness is met with self-centred ingratitude it’s easy to fall into bitter resentment. But can we avoid that and seek everyone’s best spiritual interests?

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