Has Your Love Grown Cold?
James Durham (1622-1658) was minister in Glasgow for only eleven years but left a considerable number of writings. One of the co-authors of 'The Sum of Saving Knowledge', he is best known for writing what is still regarded as the classic Reformed work on church unity, division and schism, 'A Treatise Concerning Scandal' as well as a highly sought after commentary on the Book of Revelation.
30 Mar, 2015

In a very searching way James Durham shows how “Love within may be cold when people’s outward practice looks very hot”.

Our booklet Spiritual Backsliding deals with believers’ decline from their first love to Christ. It is drawn from James Durham’s comments on Revelation 2:4. He says that: “Backsliding and decline from what folk have been, either in profession or practice, is and will be foremost in Christ’s charges against them.”

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