Scotland’s Judgements

“If only our judgements that seem to be approaching were recognised…” Scotland’s Judgements by Andrew Gray comes from a letter written from his deathbed. Gray was one of the godliest ministers of the Second Reformation period. He expresses great concern for the future of Church and Nation. Fearful changes began to take place in both Church and Nation just four years later. These undermined the work of the Second Reformation in Scotland. Gray does not forget God’s mercy in the midst of such fears and laments. Yet such considerations must make us tremble for 21st century Scotland’s national sins. They increase continually. Our ripeness for judgement also increases in direct proportion to them.

If only our judgements that seem to be approaching were recognised. He whose furnace is in Jerusalem is likely to speak to us by terrible things in righteousness…

What will Scotland be called? Lo-ruhamah (Not Pitied) and Lo-Ammi (Not my People). Once they were Beulah (Married) and Hephzibah (Delighted in). A people delighted in, and married to the Lord (see Hosea 1:6-8; Isaiah 62:4)…

This will be our blot in all generations: “This is that Scotland which in its afflictions sins more and more”.

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Second Reformation Author: Andrew Gray

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Matthew Vogan is the General Manager at Reformation Scotland Trust. He has written various books including volumes about Samuel Rutherford and Alexander Shields.

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