Is the Future of Christ’s Kingdom Bright?
David Dickson (c.1583–1662) was a Professor of Theology at the University of Glasgow and Edinburgh who wrote commentaries on many different books of Scripture. He opposed the unbiblical worship and church government foisted on the Church in Scotland by Charles II and this cost him his position.
19 Jun, 2015

…As bright as the promises of God. That was the response given by Adoniram Judson. These promises are found throughout  Scripture, particularly in the book of Psalms.

Psalm 22 ends with a prophecy of the increased glory of the kingdom of Christ in this world. It will encompass “all ends of the earth” (v27). The extent of their conversion is very fully described. They will remember, turn to Christ, serve Him and worship before Him. In his Commentary on the Psalms, David Dickson expands upon these words and captures for us a glimpse of that latter day glory. The following is extracted and updated from that book. He shows that the natural state of man by the Fall is living in forgetfulness of God, but that grace awakens the soul in conversion to remember its Creator.

These are special prophecies about Christ’s kingdom being enlarged.

1. The Gentiles would be called after Christ’s resurrection. This was agreed and spoken of long before it happened. It has been fulfilled but not in as full a measure as expected in the future. In order for these words to be entirely fulfilled it must happen that all the ends of the world remember and turn to the Lord.

2. As long as men continue in an unconverted state they do not know what they are doing. They are like men sleeping or distracted. They do not even make use of the basic principles of truth and the invisible things of God which can be learned from the light of common reason and created things. Yet, when the light of Christ’s gospel shines into their heart they are made to remember and turn to the Lord.

3. Those who are converted make God the object of their worship, they embrace his ordinances and subject themselves to his laws and discipline. They worship before Him, become subjects to Him because He has powerfully subdued them to Himself.  “The kingdom is the Lord’s, and He is governor among the nations”.




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