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You can now purchase our new publications from our online store or your local bookshop.  

You can browse the summaries of each publication and also view a sample at our online store. Each of them is the result of mining the riches of the past to get resources for today’s Church. We match current needs with the best of this heritage of spiritual wisdom. By making these accessible and producing them in an attractive way, we hope that they will reach a wider audience. They are brief but very full. Various leaflets are in production which should supplement this range of literature further.

Reformed Worship – a booklet which provides an outline of a service of reverent worship grounded upon Scripture principles. It will be helpful for those who conduct public worship as well as those seeking for worship that truly honours God.

Family Worship – a booklet which explains and describes the way in which family worship ought to be conducted in the home. In a time when Christian families are  under increasing attack, they need every available help. Family worship has been appointed by God with His special blessing for this purpose.

The Suburbs of Heaven: family worship and its unique blessings. This is a shorter booklet which complements the other booklet on family worship. It describes in a very attractive way the many blessings that family worship brings.

Truth You Must Believe. This shorter booklet summarises some of the vital biblical teachings of the Westminster Confession and Catechisms. It may be a useful introduction for those who are less familiar with these documents.

Scotland’s Greatest Revival. This short booklet provides something of an overview of the Second Reformation period. It demonstrates how this period was the greatest period of spiritual revival ever witnessed in Scotland extending throughout the whole nation.

Website update

We have also refreshed many of the pages on our website in order to explain more about the focus of our work.

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