How to Get Hold of Covenanter Bible Commentaries
Matthew Vogan is the General Manager at Reformation Scotland Trust. He has written various books including volumes about Samuel Rutherford and Alexander Shields.
6 Jul, 2016

A previous article outlined 7 Reasons You Should Study the Bible with the Covenanters. Their bible commentaries are practical, pastoral, simple, concise, clear, contextual and popular. They were highly esteemed by Charles Spurgeon in his Commenting and Commentaries. Some of these books are out of print but is still possible to purchase existing stock or second hand. It is also possible to get facsimiles of the originals through Amazon but they may be difficult to read.

The Ten Commandments

James Durham – A Practical Exposition of the Ten Commandments (Naphtali Press, 2002). This volume is out of print but existing stock may be available from UK bookshops or here.

In particular instances, cases relating to daily practice are so distinctly proposed, stated and determined, as that the whole is a complete Christian directory in our walking before God in all duties of obedience. Let the pious reader single out any one duty or head of duties to make his trial upon, and, if I greatly mistake not, he will discern with what wisdom, and from what deep experience, his plain directions are managed, and do proceed – John Owen


James Durham – Lectures on the Book of Job (Naphtali Press, 2003).

It is certain to be good, for Durham is always admirable…Whatever Durham has written is very precious. He has the pen of a ready writer, and indites good matter – Spurgeon

George Hutcheson – An Exposition of the Book of Job Available as a facsimile.

Whenever the student sees a commentary by Hutcheson let him buy it, for we know of no author who is more thoroughly helpful to the minister of the Word. He distills the text, and gives his readers the quintessence, ready for use – Spurgeon


David Dickson – Psalms Vol. 1 (1-50), Vol. 2 (51-100), Vol. 3 (101-150) (Banner of Truth, 1959 – in print).

A rich volume, dropping fatness. Invaluable to the preacher. Having read and re-read it, we can speak of its holy savour and suggestiveness. We commend it with much fervour – Spurgeon

Song of Songs

James Durham – Song of Solomon (Banner of Truth). Out of print but available secondhand.

Durham is always good, and he is at his best upon the Canticles. He gives us the essence of the good matter. For practical use this work is perhaps more valuable than any other Key to the Song – Spurgeon


Alexander Nisbet – Ecclesiastes. Available as a facsimile.

One of those solid works which learned Scotch divines of the seventeenth century have left us in considerable numbers. In our judgment it is as heavy as it is weighty – Spurgeon

Isaiah 53

James Durham, The Marrow of the Gospel in seventy-two Sermons on the fifty-third chapter of Isaiah (Naphtali Press and RHB). May be obtained from UK bookshops or here.

This is marrow indeed. We need say no more: Durham is a prince among spiritual expositors – Spurgeon

The Minor Prophets

George Hutcheson, The Minor Prophets (Sovereign Grace Publishers). Note that the Sovereign Grace Publishers reprint only contains six of the minor prophets.

Get it. Hutcheson is always rich. He resembles Dickson – Spurgeon


David Dickson – Matthew (Banner of Truth) out of print but available secondhand. Electronic version available on kindle or facsimile.

A perfect gem. The work is, to men of our school, more suggestive of sermons than almost any other we have met with – Spurgeon


George Hutcheson – John (Banner of Truth and Sovereign Grace Publishers)

Excellent; beyond all praise. It is a full-stored treasury of sound theology, holy thought, and marrowy doctrine – Spurgeon

All of the Epistles

David Dickson – All the Epistles: Romans-Jude.

Dickson is a writer after our own heart. For preachers he is a great ally. There is nothing brilliant or profound; but everything is clear and well arranged, and the unction runs down like the oil from Aaron’s head. In this volume the observations are brief – Spurgeon


John Brown of Wamphray – Romans (Amazon facsimile)

By a Calvinist of the old school. Heavy, perhaps; but precious – Spurgeon

Galatians – Thessalonians

James Fergusson – Galatians – 2 Thessalonians (Sovereign Grace Publishers).

He who possesses this work is rich. The author handles his matter in the same manner as Hutcheson and Dickson, and he is of their class–a grand, gracious, savory divine – Spurgeon

This was published by the Banner of Truth together with the following but is now out of print.


David Dickson – A Short Explanation of the Epistle to the Hebrews (Solid Ground Christian Books). This is a different commentary than the commentary on Hebrews in his commentary on all the epistles.

We need say no more than–get it, and you will find abundance of suggestions for profitable trains of thought – Spurgeon

1 & 2 Peter

Alexander Nisbet – 1 & 2 Peter (Banner of Truth)

A judicious and gracious Scotch commentary, after the style of Dickson and Hutcheson – Spurgeon


James Durham – Commentary Upon the Book of Revelation (Old Paths). Out of print but stock may be obtained from UK bookshops or buy facsimile.

After all that has been written, it would not be easy to find a more sensible and instructive work than this old-fashioned exposition…the mystery of the gospel fills it with sweet savour – Spurgeon


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