What Foundation are You Building On?

"All men are building upon something"

“All men are building upon something. Every man is about some establishment of his hopes —lays some foundation of his confidence which he may stand upon. They are one of the two that Christ speaks of (Luke 6:48-49): one builds on the rock, another on the sand. Now as the foundation is, so is the house. A changeable foundation makes a falling house; a sure foundation makes an unchangeable house; a house without a foundation will prove quickly no house. Now whatsoever men build their hope and confidence upon,—besides the word of God, his sure promise and sure covenant, and Jesus Christ in them,—they build upon no foundation, or upon a sandy foundation. ‘All flesh is grass, and the flower and perfection of it is as the flower of the field.’ Here is the name and character of all created perfections,—of the most excellent endowments of mind,—of all the specious actions of man: it is all but vanishing and vanity! ‘Every man at his best estate is such, yea, altogether such.’ You who have no more to build upon but your prosperity and wealth, O that is but sand and dung! Would any man build a house upon a dunghill?” – Hugh Binning

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Second Reformation Author: Hugh Binning

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