Christ Died for the Church’s Spiritual Independence
George Gillespie (1613 – 1648) ministered in Fife and Edinburgh and was one of the main Scottish theologians at the Westminster Assembly. He wrote several important publications in support of Presbyterian church government.
14 Aug, 2017

This cause and truth (that Jesus Christ is a king, and has a kingdom and government in His church distinct from the kingdom of the world and civil government) has this commendation and character above all other truths, that Christ himself suffered to the death for it, and sealed it with his blood.


For it may be observed, from the story of His passion, that this was the only point of His accusation which was confessed and avouched by himself (John 18:33,36,37; Luke 23:3), was most aggravated, prosecuted, and driven home by the Jews (Luke 23:2; John 19:12,15), was prevalent with Pilate as the cause of condemning him to die, (John 19:12-13), and was mentioned also in the superscription upon his cross (John 19:19) .


George Gillespie in the Preface to Aaron’s Rod Blossoming.



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