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Andrew Gray was a youthful Church of Scotland minister who led one of the congregations in Glasgow Cathedral; the Outer High Church of Glasgow. Gray’s personal holiness was such that he was described as a “spark from heaven.” He was a warm and winsome preacher with a deep spiritual experience who could also be searching in urging God’s threatenings upon the consciences of his hearers. Those who heard him testified, “that many times he caused the very hairs of their heads to stand up.” He died at the age of 22 years old after a ministry of only 27 months. It has also been said of him, “We may safely say that never in the history of our country did a man of his years make so deep a mark.”

Jul 5

How Does Faith Help Love?

Perhaps it’s a question that never exactly occurred to you. But it matters a lot; especially if your love has grown colder. There may be some distance in your relationship with Christ and a sense of absence or sorrow. Faith works by love (Galatians 5:6 …

May 17

6 Benefits Believers Receive from Christ’s Death

Christians know that it is important to believe in Christ’s death on the cross. But some find it difficult to explain how it benefits us. They know that salvation depends on it but perhaps struggle to explain how it is central to the Christian life. Ch …

Apr 26

How to Overcome Discontentment

In a sinful world it’s natural to be discontented with the way that things isn’t it? What’s wrong with wanting things to be better and how they ought to be? But discontentment is more often focussed on our personal circumstances and what we think we de …

Nov 9

How Can I Stop Being Spiritually Lazy?

Sloth is neglect. It isn’t necessarily doing nothing, simply neglecting what we need to do. Not making spiritual things a priority. Its possible to be busy active in Christian things yet neglect our spiritual wellbeing.  It may be that we want to be co …

Mar 30

6 Times When We Best See Christ’s Intercession

Christ’s intercession in heaven is unseen but that does not mean we cannot see the benefits and effects of it. Because it is unseen we are inclined to forget about it and not derive the comfort and help we should. The more we meditate on it, the more i …