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Andrew Gray (1633–1656) died at the age of 22 years old after a ministry of only 27 months. His personal holiness was such that he was described as a “spark from heaven”. He was a warm and winsome preacher with deep spiritual experience. Gray could also be searching in urging God’s threatenings upon the consciences of his hearers. Those who heard him testified “that many times he caused the very hairs of their heads to stand up.” It has also been said: “We may safely say that never in the history of our country did a man of his years make so deep a mark.”

Nov 9

How Can I Stop Being Spiritually Lazy?

Sloth is neglect. It isn’t necessarily doing nothing, simply neglecting what we need to do. Not making spiritual things a priority. Its possible to be busy active in Christian things yet neglect our spiritual wellbeing.  It may be that we want to be co …

Mar 30

6 Times When We Best See Christ’s Intercession

Christ’s intercession in heaven is unseen but that does not mean we cannot see the benefits and effects of it. Because it is unseen we are inclined to forget about it and not derive the comfort and help we should. The more we meditate on it, the more i …

Nov 17

6 Reasons to Delight in God

Mostly, we are well aware that we get our life in focus by concentrating on the most important things. But do we live our life in such a way that the things most important to us are obvious to those who observe us? The most important thing is to glorif …

Mar 24

What it Really Means to Guard Your Heart

For many the instruction to “guard your heart” means controlling your emotions, specifically in relation to the opposite sex. Others use it to emphasise resisting impurity. These applications tell us more about current evangelical preoccupations than w …

Feb 17

6 Reasons Why You Must Constantly War Against Sin

The battlefield is the worst place in the world. Constant danger, bombardment and stress take their debilitating toll on mind and body. No doubt it is impossible for those who have never been in a foxhole fully to comprehend it. Yet the Christian is in …