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Dickson (c.1583–1662) was a professor of theology whose writings are both plain and concise. He wrote commentaries on many different books of Scripture. Dickson was a helpful counsellor to many in their spiritual difficulties. The Stewarton revival took place during his ministry in Irvine. Many from the parishes around attended his weekly exposition of the Scriptures. There were multitudes of converts during this time. He opposed the unbiblical worship and church government foisted on the Church in Scotland. As a consequence, he sentenced to exile in Turriff for several years.

He refused allegiance to Charles II’s claimed supremacy over the Church. This cost him his post, but his final days were drawing near. On his deathbed he said “I have taken all my good deeds, and all my bad deeds, and have cast them together in a heap before the Lord, and have fled from both to Jesus Christ, and in Him I have sweet peace”.

Feb 1

Don’t Judge?

Who are you to judge? It’s a popular way to deflect any declaration that a specific action is wrong. It can even be backed up with a verse: Jesus says, “Judge not” (Matthew 7:1). Is this really the proof text for unlimited “tolerance”? Does it mean tha …

Jan 11

Who Do You Trust?

Our’s is a world of distrust. Besides commerce and community, our most meaningful relationships depend on trust. But it has imploded. “The 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer tracks the decline in confidence in institutions and the media over the years. It sh …

Jul 6

Why Doesn’t God Show Himself More?

Sometimes in our personal experience and in the world around us we are tempted with the feeling that God is absent. Why doesn’t God show Himself more? Are our prayers being heard? Why doesn’t God step in and arrest the moral rebellion that is destroyin …

May 11

Too Busy to Read the Bible?

“Busy” is something of a status symbol for success currently. Everyone is busy, it’s a stock response. But is it the best way to measure importance and productivity? We feel overwhelmed but the research tells us that on average we actually have more fr …

Mar 9

What Do We Forget in Forgetting the Church’s History?

It doesn’t seem like a high priority to many. What pressing relevance can previous centuries have when our world is so different? Isn’t it just for those who like that sort of thing? No, because God requires us to recall His works done in the past (Psa …