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Donald Cargill (1627 – 1681) was from Perthshire and became minister of the Barony Church Glasgow in 1655. In 1662 he was dismissed for a protest against the celebration of the restoration of Charles II. He preached in field meetings until he was captured and executed in 1681. “The Lord knows I go on this ladder with less fear and perturbation of mind, than ever I entered the pulpit to preach”, he said.

Jul 12

How Far Should Reformation Go?

Reformation is not merely an event in the past; it is a present imperative. God’s Word constantly challenges us to ever closer harmony with its teaching. Reformation concerns each one of us. It means taking the authority of the Bible seriously in every …

Apr 21

All that Makes All Affliction Bearable

Perhaps what makes affliction particularly painful and trying is the sense of being alone in it. Others may sympathise but they do not at all experience what we are going through. For Joseph affliction was literally a foreign country in which he was ut …

Dec 30

True Priorities for Managing Your Time

Effective use of time, getting things done and achieving goals are something of a current obsession. Like food diets, there are any amount of schemes and books on the subject of productivity. Everyone is “busy” but many are driven by the desire to be e …