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James Fraser of Brea (1639-1698) came from the Black Isle, Ross-shire and was ordained during the times of persecution. He refused to appear before the Privy Council when to answer for “illegal” preaching. Eventually captured he was sentenced to imprisonment on the Bass Rock. This is a very high rock in the sea off the Scottish coast which was purchased by the government expressly for imprisoning presbyterian ministers. Along with many others he suffered much in those fearful conditions. He was imprisoned at a later period in Blackness Castle but survived the times of persecution. His autobiography gives an interesting account of his life and spiritual experience.

Jul 13

Are We Getting Holiness Wrong?

We can have the right doctrine of holiness; one that takes it as seriously as Scripture does. But in relation to its practical outworking and in our assumptions concerning it, we may have got it wrong. No doubt there could be many ways in which we coul …

Feb 1

12 Ways to Tame the Tongue

The headlines are ever full of the consequences of reckless words. Someone has said, texted or tweeted something that now comes back to bite them. Politicians are forced to eat their words with profuse apologies. Others are shamed for past opinions. Th …

Oct 6

14 Things that May be Spiritual Hindrances

We need to lay aside every weight that hinders us in running the spiritual race. Previously, we considered what things help our spiritual progress. It is just as important to identify what holds us back, otherwise we will not make best use of the helps …

Sep 29

27 Things that Help Spiritual Progress

No doubt none of us are where we would be or even perhaps should be spiritually. That was certainly Paul’s confession (Philippians 3:12-13). We need to grow in grace (2 Peter 3:18) not just have it. But how do we go from merely desiring to make progres …

Jul 28

14 Reasons to be Thankful

Pop psychology counsels us to focus on reasons to be happy that help us to feel good about ourselves.  It is a fleeting and often glib exercise. True thankfulness is very different. It is not motivational life-coaching but acknowledging our utter depen …