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George Hutcheson (1615-1674) was noted for expounding the Scriptures with great clarity. C H Spurgeon wrote: “He distils the text, and gives his readers the quintessence, ready for use”.
An eminent preacher, he was a minister in Ayrshire and Edinburgh In 1662 he was removed from his congregation by Parliament together with a large number of others. This was for refusing to conform to the rule of bishops. His passing from this world was very short, only half an hour. His last words were: “The Lord has helped, and He will help me”.

Jun 1

Why True Happiness is so Hard to Find

Happiness research and the science of happiness has apparent growing influence. Behavioral scientist Paul Dolan hit the headlines with controversial pronouncements on whether family and happiness go together. He defines and measures happiness in terms …

Dec 7

The Remedy for a World Gone Toxic

It’s the Word of the Year – “toxic”. Every year Oxford Dictionaries choose a word or expression to reflect the passing year in language. Their data shows that people used the term to describe a broad range of situations. Things like workplaces, schools …

Nov 23

Can True Zeal Learn from Blind Zeal?

Blind zeal is not of course a good thing. It’s not informed by knowledge of the truth (Romans 10:2). It can achieve a lot and go a long way but all in entirely the wrong direction (Galatians 1:14). So what can we possibly learn from it? Well, have you …

Jun 29

Can You Get More Than Heaven?

Perhaps this question doesn’t even make sense to you. You couldn’t get anything greater and more desirable than heaven. It is everlasting blessing. But we don’t mean something better than heaven but something in addition to heaven. In fact something be …

Jan 25

Never Lonely?

An estimated 9 million people across the UK are often or always feeling lonely. This includes young people, older people, parents, carers and the middle aged. In the USA it is estimated at 40% of the adult population. Last week the UK government appoin …