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James Guthrie (1612-1661) was one of the most prominent Covenanters. His steadfastness earned him the nickname “Sicker Foot” (Sure Foot). He was vocal in criticising the future Charles II and Oliver Cromwell. The latter called him “the short little man who could not bow”. He wrote fearlessly about “The Causes of the Lord’s Wrath against Scotland”. This pamphlet was outlawed by Charles II and burned publicly by the hangman. Before long Guthrie himself was sentenced to be publicly executed by hanging. He was the first of the Covenanters to suffer in this way.

Nov 6

How to Prepare for Life’s Storms

Sudden storms can arise in any area of our lives and experience. Storms can enter the Church or perhaps dark clouds seem to loom on the horizon of national life.  The challenges, the anxiety and the sufferings can be intense. The Lord Jesus Christ …