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May 18

What Should We Do When the State Invades the Church?

According to senior figures in the Church of England in recent weeks, the Church should lose its exemptions from prosecution under equalities legislation. Dr Ison the Dean of St Paul’s said: “My view is that if there is a price to be paid for what you …

Dec 9

A Prayer We Need Constantly

“How seasonable is that petition now ‘Lord, increase our faith’!” – John Livingstone

Dec 2

When Scripture is Truly Illuminated

“The light that comes after unfeigned humiliation, self-denial, earnest prayer and search of the Scripture is a sure light” – John Livingstone

Sep 30

The Ultimate Counsel

“Let the Word of God be your only rule, Jesus Christ your only hope, His Spirit your only guide and His glory your only end” – John Livingstone