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Samuel Rutherford (c. 1600 – 1661) is best known for his devotional letters many of which were written from exile in Aberdeen. He played a major role in the Covenanting Revolution in Scotland and at the Westminster Assembly in formulating the Westminster Standards. He was one of the foremost theologians and apologists for Presbyterianism in the seventeenth century. His Lex, Rex was an important rebuttal of the divine right of kings theory.

Jul 27

Is Uncertainty a Virtue?

Increasingly, there is a subtle tendency to sidestep difficult and inconvenient issues by saying we cannot be certain about them. Of course, being non-dogmatic is thought to be a virtue in our culture. Yet it’s one thing to acknowledge a defect in our …

Jun 22

Spiritual Summer Time

Who would not welcome the warmth and light of summer? It provides opportunities that we may not have at other times of the year. Its life, growth and fruitfulness should encourage thoughts of the things we long for spiritually. Perhaps we feel that we …

Feb 28

7 Types of People Who Prize Rutherford’s Letters

Why are some people so enraptured by Samuel Rutherford’s Letters? It is said of Robert Murray M’Cheyne that “the Letters of Samuel Rutherford were often in his hand”. C.H. Spurgeon said they were “the nearest thing to inspiration which can be found in …

Jan 5

The Christ We Do Not Know

A provocative statement perhaps. Yet, we hear so much casual use of the name of Christ and glib talk of knowing Jesus. This isn’t the same as knowing a mere mortal and we should never seem to put Christ on that level. We can have a true and real knowle …

Oct 27

Omnipotence Can Use Anything

Samuel Rutherford observes how God’s almighty power can use even the most insignificant means as though they had great power. He says that God does not use means because they are efficacious in themselves; rather it is because He uses them that they ar …