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William Guthrie (1620–1665) was the first minister of Fenwick in Ayrshire. Brilliant academically, it was not till he entered University that he came to a vital saving knowledge of Christ. His cousin, James Guthrie, helped him make progress in the way of godliness.

Guthrie was a diligent minister with great concern for the salvation of souls in his parish. This faithful ministry was blessed by God. George Hutcheson, who assisted at one communion season in Fenwick, said that if there was a church full of God’s saints on the face of the earth it was at Fenwick. He was removed from his parish by the civil government along with many others in 1662. He directed his flock to the “Fountain of help, when the gospel and ministers were taken from them; and took his leave of them, commending them to this great God, who was able to build them up and help them in the time of their need”.

He is best known for his valuable book on salvation and assurance The Christian’s Great Interest. John Owen set the highest value on it. He said that there was more theology in it than in all that he himself had written.

Jan 12

How Do I Know If I’m a Christian?

Could there be any question more important? But you don’t hear a lot of people asking it these days. Some people think it’s unhelpful, unsettling and unnecessary to ask such a question. But if we are wrong on the matter of greatest personal concern to …

Apr 7

Waiting and Longing to Hear God’s Word

We’re so used to hearing sermons that it becomes ordinary and routine for us. Yet it is meant to be a life-changing and world-changing activity. Christ has sent someone to declare His Word to us in a special way. No words outside of Scripture are more …

Jan 13

Approaching the Lord’s Table as a Bride

Do we take the Lord’s Supper as seriously as we ought? Communion is not high on the list of trending issues in evangelicalism today. Some have a casual attitude towards it. In many evangelical churches the Lord’s Supper is tacked on to the end of a ser …

Jun 16

Let us never be discouraged

“Let us never be discouraged and lose heart. If the heart is gone, all is gone” – William Guthrie

Jun 3

Surviving a Time of Moral Implosion

Our culture has certainly self-destructed–morally speaking. Values have been turned upside down. We can also discern things collapsing in on themselves spiritually. This is because sin constantly pushes towards self-destruction. These are times when na …