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What should Reformation mean for you?

It might seem quite abstract and lofty but it’s practical and personal. Reformation begins with each of us – our thoughts and actions in the daily round of things. It means taking the authority of the Bible seriously in everything. God’s revealed will in the Bible covers all areas of our faith and life. Reformation is all about closer obedience to God’s will.

Reformation not reinvention

You will be all too aware of various trends in modern Christianity that mushroom and then evaporate. They promise much but are just reinventing aspects of faith and practice. We don’t need this. Instead, we can be solidly grounded through reformation according to God’s revealed will.

Reformation accompanies revival

God’s blesses His people as they strive to obey His will.  In revival, the Holy Spirit descends in mighty renewing power and blessing. The Second Reformation shows us how intense spiritual revival and reformation belong together.

Reformation within and without

This is not about merely making outward changes to the way that we do things. We need heart reformation and personal reformation in our lives. Then we also need to see families, Churches and the nation reformed according to the Bible. This is precisely the work and vision of the Second Reformation that we need to recover.

Reformation involves repentance

Reformation and repentance both involve change. Repentance is not only about  sorrow for sin. It means turning from it and being transformed in our lives by the renewing of our minds. We need this constantly both as individuals and Churches.

Read Christ’s Refining Fire of Reformation and Your Spiritual Life. This shows the real nature of spiritual reformation. Outward change is not enough. There must be deep inward refining.

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