Alexander Henderson

(c. 1583 – 1646)

One of the most influential of the covenanting ministers, Henderson took the leading role in all major events. The national covenant of 1638 was drafted by Henderson and Johnston of Wariston. He was moderator of the General Assembly three times within only a few years. Later, he was one of the commissioners from the Scottish Church to the Westminster Assembly.

Robert Baillie described him as “the fairest ornament, after John Knox, of incomparable memory, that ever the Church of Scotland did enjoy”. Baillie said that Henderson “spent his strength, and wore out his days, he breathed out his life in the service of God and of his Church”.

Alexander Henderson

(speaking about the swearing of the National Covenant in 1638).

“this was the day of the Lord’s power, wherein we saw his people most willingly offer themselves in multitudes, like the dew drops of the morning— this was indeed the great day of Israel, wherein the arm of the Lord was revealed – the day of the Redeemer’s strength, on which the princes of the people assembled to swear their allegiance to the King of kings.”

Uncovering the Secrets of Christ’s Kingdom

Uncovering the Secrets of Christ’s Kingdom

Christ’s kingdom is a spiritual Kingdom not of this world, so those who are of this world find it incomprehensible. Alexander Henderson explained the necessary duty to study the nature and search into the mysteries and secrets of this kingdom.

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