James Fergusson


James Fergusson  was minister of Kilwinning. He was the author of very highly regarded commentaries on Scripture. C H Spurgeon described them as those of “a grand, gracious, savoury divine”. 

Fergusson had many fears concerning his own state at his death. Alexander Nisbet urged him to depend upon God’s promises. Fergusson began to say “Into thy hand I commit my spirit” and stopped without going further. Nisbet said, “Say on, brother!” “Oh, may I say, for thou hast redeemed me?”, Fergusson replied. “It’s a great matter for me to say it”.

A staunch presbyterian, he preached faithfully against government domination of the Church. He wrote in defence of presbyterian principles and the spiritual independence of the Church’s government from civil government.

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How to Bring Christians Back from Sin

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