Westminster Assembly


The Westminster Assembly was an advisory body of theologians to the English Parliament which met at Westminster Assembly from 1643 to 1648. It produced a new range of standards for church order and government, worship and doctrinal confession for the churches of England, Scotland and Ireland that have been used ever since by Presbyterian churches across the world.

Richard Baxter said that “the Christian world, since the days of the Apostles” never had “a Synod of more excellent divines [theologians]”.

Live the Truth

“To live the truths which we know, is the best way to hold them fast.”

THOMAS CASE  (1598–1682)

a member of the Westminster Assembly.

Generalised repentance is not enough

“It is every man’s duty to endeavour to repent of his particular sins, particularly”

Westminster Confession of Faith 15:5

Zeal is your crown

“Whatever you part with…part not with your zeal, let this be your honour and crown”

Oliver Bowles

A member of the Westminster Assembly who gave this counsel in preaching to the Assembly and the Houses of Parliament in 1643.

The Psalms...uniquely sufficient

“There can be no composures of men, that will suit the occasions, necessities, afflictions, or affections of God’s people, as the Psalms of David”. 

Thomas Ford

A member of the Westminster Assembly.

Life is Worth Preserving

Life is Worth Preserving

Sometimes people are tempted to think that ending it all is the best way out. There is also considerable pressure to legalise assisted suicide. But Scripture gives us clear and compelling reasons why life is worth preserving.

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What Authority Do Civil Rulers Have in Church Matters?

What Authority Do Civil Rulers Have in Church Matters?

It’s understandable that we find it troublesome to work through the difficulties of church and state matters. But it can lead to practical problems when situations arise. Ultimately, this is about the glory and the authority of Christ as Head of the Church.

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What It Means To Be In The World But Not Of It

What It Means To Be In The World But Not Of It

Being in but of the world is a difficult principle to apply for many. How far do you take it? Much could be and needs to be said about how to apply this truth but first of all we need deeper sense of the spiritual principle being taught.

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