Session 1:  Outside In

The Saviour knows me



Revelation 1:9 – 2:1


Our view of Christ


1. What does Christ want us to learn about Him from the way He is introduced in the vision of the Son of Man? (Revelation 1:9-18).


2. Notice the way Christ introduces Himself in the letter to Ephesus (Revelation 2:1). Why would the Lord Jesus want the Christians in Ephesus to pay attention to those aspects in particular?


3. Think about how much Christ values His ministers. Imagine ministers shining like stars and churches being the place from where the light shines (Revelation 1:20). Then think of Christ holding His ministers in His hand and walking around among His churches (Revelation 1:13 & 16).

When you think of how much Christ values them, do you find that you set a correspondingly high value on your own minister and church?

What might you be able to do in your church to encourage your minister or other members?


Revelation 2:2-3


Christ’s view of us


4. Christ opens His letter by saying that He knows their works. Sometimes Christians can feel that nothing they ever do is good enough or pleasing to Him. How do you think Christ views your works?


5. Christ also acknowledges the Ephesians level of commitment by commending their hard work and patience. What does it look like for someone to be a committed member of a local church?


Revelation 2:2 again


Christ’s view of church discipline


6. The church at Ephesus had exercised church discipline in having “tried” the false teachers. Christ commends their faithfulness in this (Revelation 2:2) and His focus is on making sure teaching is correct according to Scripture. What is the importance of church discipline? Have you seen church
discipline carried out? Why might it sometimes be neglected?


7. The fact that the law of God is inseparably linked with the character of God means that whatever God commands is always good because He is good. In His Word, God clearly commands us to keep His law for our own good. How does church discipline demonstrate Christ’s love for us? How are we failing in our duty to love others if we avoid exercising church discipline for breaking God’s commands?