Penetrating Preaching


What can we learn from the Saviour’s method of making the Word hit home?

Reading this booklet will provide you with some vital lessons from Christ Himself about the difficult task of applying the Word from the pulpit. If truly followed, they would revolutionise preaching today.

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A sermon without application is really a lecture. Application is the life of preaching. Yet application prompts many questions. How do we know from Scripture that it should be a priority in preaching? How much time should we give to it? What kinds of application are needed? How should we approach it? James Durham addresses such questions by examining the example of Christ Himself.

The booklet also contains an introduction by Maurice J. Roberts which previously appeared in the Banner of Truth magazine.

“Application is the life of preaching.”

James Durham

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Every preacher will benefit from studying these lessons carefully before applying them in the pulpit.


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