Preparing Sermons


The “foolishness of preaching” remains the means that God has promised to bless in gathering and building up His Church. Therefore no words, outside of Scripture, are more significant than those that ministers address to congregations in preaching.

This booklet will give you helpful guidance in this momentous task from different authors and perspectives.



The Church in every generation is shaped in part by the quality of the sermons preached. Generations to come will also be influenced for good or ill by the sermons listened to in this age. The subject of preparing sermons must, therefore, be one of our top priorities.

Preaching often needs to be straight to the point.  The guidance in this booklet is of the same character. You’ll find concise and practical help in updated language from Alexander Simson (c.1570-1639). Also included is the comprehensive guidance produced by the Westminster Assembly in The Directory of Public Worship. The introduction, by Maurice J. Roberts, first appeared in the Banner of Truth magazine.

As ambassadors for God, ministers are dealing with people on God’s behalf in matters of eternal moment.  This is an immense privilege but it also carries a weighty responsibility.

Week in, week out, ministers have this responsibility before them in preparing to preach.  This booklet is intended to function as a reminder and a ready tool to access some concise guidance in their ongoing labour.


“If study and diligence do not do not confer genius, they can raise the level of a preacher’s sermons very considerably.  Attention to method can lift the standard of a man’s preaching to that of being habitually good, and occasionally excellent.”

Maurice J. Roberts

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Preaching “should be performed so that the workman need not be ashamed but may save himself and those that hear him.” 




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