Sins of the Ministry


When pastors fall, it’s a gospel issue. Lack of personal holiness in ministers creates contempt for their message.

Reading this booklet will give ministers encouragement to shine in the midst of the prevailing darkness. Here is a guide for personal reflection which can also help pastors to discuss their common failings usefully and openly together.



Pastors often feel isolated and under intense pressure and attack. This booklet does not seek to add to such burdens.  It’s an updated version of a publication called A Humble Acknowledgement of the Sins of the Ministry, first drafted in 1651.  Horatius Bonar refers to it in his classic book Words to Winners of Souls (1859).

It also includes content from Richard Baxter and some encouraging advice from James Durham, extracted and updated from his commentary on the Book of Revelation.

This is a critical tool to help ministers in their spiritual warfare today.  Those preparing for the ministry will also find it useful. Moreover, any who seek to pray intelligently for the spiritual needs of their pastor would benefit from reading it.  

Horatius Bonar gives the following apt recommendations of the substance of this booklet:

“These are solemn confessions – the confessions of men who knew the nature of that ministry on which they had entered, and who were desirous of approving themselves to Him who had called them, that they might give in their account with joy and not with grief…Let us, as they did, deal honestly with ourselves.  Our confessions ought to be no less ample and searching.”

“It is not great talents that God blesses so much as great likeness to Jesus.  A holy minister is an awful weapon in the hand of God.”

Robert Murray M’Cheyne

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Failings are not resolved by hiding them. Perhaps neglecting to face these issues is the greatest hidden burden a minister carries?  This guide helps.




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