Start your own Reading Group

Why Should We Have a Reading Group in Our Church?
  • A reading group is an informal way of encouraging Christians to grow in their knowledge of the truth and their love for God
  • Sometimes people are keen to learn but they go to unhelpful places for their reading and growth because they don’t have discernment. You can edify one another through reading and discussing sound biblical books.
  • Of course you can benefit from reading a book on your own but when you read and discuss together it’s even more beneficial as you learn from other people’s experiences and understanding.
How Does a Reading Group Work Best?
  • There’s no need for any reading in advance.  People often don’t get time to prepare or finish a book before coming along to book groups  so we find it works best if  everyone starts off in the same place at the same time.
  • At the start, the Leader distributes the books and discussion questions to each of the members and perhaps gives a 5 minute introduction to the book or the author.
  • Read through an excerpt together (or two or three excerpts, depending on the book). Then work through the questions provided for discussion. You can work through the book till you have finished or you might prefer to work through as many of the questions as you can in a set time peroiod, then complete the rest at home on your own.
Where Would We Meet?
  • Anywhere that’s convenient.
  • Somewhere relaxed is good as long as it’s relatively quiet, such as someone’s home.
  • Alternatively, find a suitable space at church.
Who Can Come?

Anyone!  We recommend trying to keep the groups to between 8 – 12 people maximum, so everyone can be involved.  Obviously, a large group doesn’t work quite so well for discussion.

When Would We Meet?

Choose the time that best suits everyone, whether lunchtime or evening and also the most suitable day of the week.


What Would We Study?

We’ve put together a recommended reading list you can choose from with different levels. The books and questions are practical and focussed on applying the truth of the Bible to our lives and hearts.

Rules for Walking in Fellowship

John Owen
Reformation Heritage Books

Christian Love

Hugh Binning
Banner of Truth

Conversations with a Dying Man

Samuel Rutherford
Reformation Press

Am I A Christian

James Fraser of Brea | PG
Banner of Truth

Ruling Elders and Deacons

James Guthrie
Reformation Press

Fair Sunshine

Jock Purves
Banner of Truth

Hope During Desperate Times

William Guthrie
Reformation Press

Advancing Christian Unity

Anthony Burgess
Reformation Heritage Books

Spiritual Obedience

Thomas Watson
My Soul Concern

The Christian’s Great Interest

William Guthrie
Banner of Truth

The King in His Beauty

Samuel Rutherford
Reformation Heritage Books

Bible Truth Explored

Murdo A.N. Macleod with Catherine Hyde
Reformation Scotland

When Christians Suffer

Thomas Case
Banner of Truth

Preparing for Eternity

Alexander Nisbett
Reformation Press

The Power of Faith and Prayer

Samuel Rutherford
Reformation Press

Our Faith

Matthew Vogan with Catherine Hyde
Reformation Scotland


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