Four sessions to help you

recover your first love for Christ.

Matthew Vogan


It’s easy to be consumed by outward activity in the Christian life rather than be motivated by inward love and grace. Activity is highly visible whilst our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is largely invisible to others, but not to Him.

Whenever we focus on the outside pressures and attacks on the Church, or even when we focus on what is commendable activity, there’s always a danger that we neglect our inner spiritual health.  But what if our greatest threat comes from within? 

‘Outside In’ is a bible study that helps us to ask ourselves, “Have we left our first love?”  

Outside in, the Saviour knows me.
All of the hard work I’ve been putting in.
The patient endurance. Exposing the sin
By testing fake leaders and finding them false.
The stand for truth in the doctrinal brawls.
The battle scars. The stress and the strain.
The blood, sweat and tears for the sake of His name.

Inside out, the Saviour knows me.
Outward faithfulness, yet inward decay.
The unseen damage from prayerless days.
The unnoticed slipping of love growing colder.
Neglecting my duties to God and to others.
Activity masks that my motives are wrong.
Have I left my first love? I thought it was strong.
Christ X-rays my heart and it’s not what it seems.
He tells me to go and learn what this means
“Mercy, not sacrifice” is what He desires;
Knowledge of God, not altars of fire.
A covenant partner in heart, soul and mind,
Not a busy believer with a love in decline.

Through and through, the Saviour knows me.
He knows how to keep me. His sheep hear His voice.
His spine-chilling, heart trembling, “Nevertheless!”
The threatened removal of a lamp that’s gone dim
Re-kindles a heart that’s devoted to Him.
Remember now how it was at the start
When Christ held the highest place in your heart?
The freedom of holiness! Repent of this sin.
Start pleasing our Father by thinking like Him
With love and obedience intertwined.
O, that I always would have such a mind
To hear all His words and obey what He says.
No more lazy prayers. No more Word-less days.

To know Him much better, to learn all His traits.
To love what He loves and hate what He hates.
His mind, His heart, God shows us Himself
In His word. Why settle for anything else?