Family Worship


Family worship is something we know we should be doing yet it is largely neglected among those who profess to be evangelical.

Reading this booklet will help you and your family engage in this vital way of honouring God.



In 1647, the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland approved a remarkable document that came to be better known as The Directory for Family Worship. This booklet contains an extract from that document in updated language and formatting. You’ll find practical advice on how family worship ought to take place, a useful format to follow as well as some essential guidance on how to protect and maintain this blessed duty.

It is in no way meant to replace the original document, which has a particular place in the Scottish Church. Instead, it shows its abiding relevance and it may encourage many to read the original for themselves. Supplementary material from an earlier version of The Directory is also included.

Many questions arise in relation to family worship. Some may find it difficult to know how and where to start if they have never practised it.  When should it take place? What does it involve? What makes it truly effective?  The directions anticipate such questions.  They also emphasise that family worship can never be a substitute for individual private devotions.  Effective family worship must be built upon the foundation of a personal commitment to God and His Word. 

“God is to be worshipped everywhere, in spirit and in truth; as in private families daily, and in secret each one by himself.”

Westminster Confession of Faith 21:6

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Reformation begins at home

Can we really expect to see reformation in the church and the land, if we don’t begin first in our own homes?




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