Scotland’s Forgotten History Bible Study Course


Go forward best – look back first! This free workbook is a companion bible study to the Scotland’s Forgotten History documentary series. Designed to help you to learn some hard hitting lessons from a compelling chapter in Scottish history that is often ignored.


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4 x videos to introduce each study session

1 x printable course workbook (PDF)



We hope you find that this web video series enriches your understanding
of what God has done for His Church in the past and can yet do. We pray
that you will find it both challenging and inspiring as you also grow in your
understanding of how to apply Scripture. That’s why this guide helps you
to study key passages of Scripture. We want the focus to be on God and His
Word rather than on individuals (no matter how godly).

After watching each short film, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on and
discuss together the ideas raised. Our hope is that you will find the series
stimulating and edifying as you think through its relevance for today.





The Reformation of 1560 had huge significance in Scotland.

The first part of this programme explores the attempts to unravel the biblical teaching and worship established by the Reformation in the 20 year period leading up to 1638.

Only through coming to a better understanding of the issues and events that paved the way for Scotland’s Second Reformation and the  National Covenant, can we begin to realise the astonishing relevance they still have for us today.



The time following the signing of the National Covenant in 1638, although it was a reformation, was also a time of great revival. It lasted for over twenty years.

The second part of the programme looks at the impact that revival had on the lives of individuals, congregations as well as the British Isles as a whole.

Journey with us from Edinburgh through Ayrshire to London to discover how lives and communities were transformed.




The twenty eight years that followed Charles II becoming king in 1660 were brutal for the Church in Scotland.

Being faithful to the biblical values of the Second Reformation was literally outlawed.

Travel with us to visit the locations were Scotland’s Christians suffered so much for Christ.




This final part explores the various ways that the Westminster Assembly sought to reform the Church during a period of around five years after 1643.

This period left a powerful legacy for us; four key foundations that both Christians and the Church need for the future.

How can we benefit today from the strength of the insights into Christ and into biblical truth that were attained during this period of reformation and suffering?

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